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(spanish) /loo-hoh/ .adj – luxury, luxe, lushness

Founded early in 2021 amidst the challenging time, “LUJO”, the Spanish term for Luxe & Lush, transcends a creative collaboration beyond borders by cultivating design synergies from architectural, interiors, furniture design and graphic design. Spanning across the two coasts from the Pacific to the Atlantic, LUJO curates bespoke built environments to enhance an immersive luxe living in lifestyle projects and the most sought-after hospitality, conceptual retail, workplace and high-end residential.

LUJO’s mantra of living luxuriously revolves around creating immersive experiences through a unique convergence between a well-cultured sense of place and an optimum approach to design; not less, not more. 


As “LUJO” as we are, our collective brings together a collaboration of creative individuals from diverse backgrounds and locations; from San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami, Hawaii, Texas, India, and the Philippines.

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Our Philosophy



LUJO strives to be the most sought-after creative design collective that provides quintessential designs with a focus on immersive experiences, human wellness, and sustainable solutions.


Live life luxuriously through embracing experiences

Understand every client’s unique needs and provide personalized services

Juxtapose differences to achieve a balance and a harmony 

Overcome challenges through highly collaborative efforts 

our team

LUJO hand-selects team members who stand out in the industry as leaders and experts in their field. We value lifelong learning and provide an environment where talents collaborate with autonomy and respect. We are a collective of highly motivated interior architects, interior designers, product designers, and graphic designers. We cultivate the synergy from our masters with diverse industry backgrounds ranging from luxury hospitality, coveted residential, inspirational retail to progressive workplace. With integrity and collaboration, we approach each project with sensitivity to each client’s unique needs, aesthetic and brand identity. 

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An award-winning interior and architectural designer with proven diverse experiences in commercial interiors, hospitality design and high-end residential, Craig is a well-rounded lifestyle curator with diverse experience in creative industries ranging from architecture, interior design, business marketing, and exhibition design. Well balanced, with both management skills from his business background and a passion for creative design, Craig’s interiors projects have not only won numerous awards, but have also created emotional impact for those occupying the spaces. 

Spanning across the globe, from a spa resort in a tropical island in Caribbean to a mix-used complex in the middle east to ultra-HIP hotels in North America, Craig has collaborated with some of the most sought-after brands in hospitality to create a successful immersive experience; to name a few, the brands include St. Regis, Ritz-Carlton, Waldorf-Astoria, Jumeirah, W Hotels, and the James Hotels. 

As a proactive proponent of sustainable design, Craig drives design to achieve higher sustainability ratings for his projects, many of which have achieved LEED Platinum status.  Craig is an all-around design professional who has mastered his skills from design direction, comprehensive space planning, furniture & finishing, interior architectural concepts to detailing, design documentation, and construction administration. With great attention to details, Craig is deeply committed to his projects from the very start of the idea through to completion.

[ Founding Partner | Design & Marketing Director ]


Natalie Tiller is an entrepreneurial force who imaginatively celebrates the human experience through the built interior environment. She is a visionary who enjoys building, leading, and empowering teams to design interiors that perform and timelessly endure beyond trend. 

With LEED and WELL accreditation, she is dedicated to creating interior spaces that support human and environmental health in the areas of hospitality, dynamic workplace, multi-family residential, and high-end residential developments. Natalie forges new paths of design in the way of health and wellness and continues to speak at a national level on to promote the education of designing interiors of health and wellness. 

Natalie has led teams and managed designs for properties such as Wynn Resorts, St. Regis, and Mandarin Oriental. Independently, she has the continued pleasure of designing personal residences and pieds-à-terre for the world’s most prestigious and influential global leaders. Many of her works have been awarded and have been featured in Architectural Digest and other publications. 


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